Arch of Europe Convention

The objective of the BID International Award in Excellence and Quality Convention is to recognize leaders, companies and organizations that, because of their merits, talent and dedication, achieve significant results in management, invest their money and time, achieve results of great impact and favor many people that allow them to improve their quality of life.

How do we find the nominees to receive the BID Award for Quality and Excellence?

The various media that exist generate a large volume of information and news regarding companies, projects and innovative ideas that bring great benefit to society. BID Group One feeds on the analysis of these huge pieces of information that would go unnoticed by many, least of all scholars of the phenomenon of Quality, Innovation and Improvement. All these analyses and measurements are carried out patiently and tell us with their opinions who are the archetypal leaders who should be a reference for other citizens, in order to develop our cultures, countries and companies.

BID Group One contemplates society in four types of groups:

1) Those whose goal is to reach one million dollars in sales per year. That we call them SMEs or Small Businesses, and they occupy a wide social spectrum and that we show in the campaign examples.

2) From the first group, companies continue to develop by their instinct and the good work of their teams, and we reach another group ranging from one million to ten million dollars in sales per year. We call them medium-sized companies.

3) This third group achieves remarkable results in sales, which range from 10 to 100 million dollars annually. Using technology and the best trained and most developed technical human resource that exists today.

4) Finally, BID Group One catalogues all organizations, companies and companies that exceed 100 million dollars in annual sales, as the maximum exponent of growth, innovation and opportunities to take modernity to the last corners of the planet. They are the engine of the global economy. And this is reflected in its position among the top of prestigious indicators of the best companies in the world such as the Fortune 500 and the Forbes.

In these three sections we describe the success stories of the BID Group One awardees, the levels of the companies where we operate, and what the International Award in Excellence and Quality Convention means. That it is fair to recognize the best, as should be the obligation of our information society, promoting those who seek improvement, share their knowledge and teach those who want to learn the maximum of the secrets of Quality, becoming pioneer evangelists as transmitters of knowledge, success and opportunities.